Education & Research

We are dedicated

We understand the importance of educating our patients. However, we don’t just disseminate knowledge; we also create it. Our research team drives to learn more about medical cannabis through meticulous academic research.

Patient Education

Educating patients begins with a knowledgeable staff. All Harvest employees undergo a rigorous training program directed by Dr. Troutt. Yearly continuing education is also required, and weekly staff meetings provide more opportunities to learn as the industry progresses.

Dr. Troutt also organizes a monthly New Patient Orientation seminar, where patients can learn medical cannabis basics and ask questions. This program is integral to the Harvest experience, and is one that we will initiate in other states.

Medical Marijuana Research Institute

Founded by Drs. Troutt and DiDonato, the Medical Marijuana Research Institute is dedicated to contributing to the academic literature on medical marijuana. The Institute’s first article was recently published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, and focuses on the characteristics and experiences of medical marijuana patients in Arizona. Conducting such research establishes Harvest as an industry leader in both business and academia.

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